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Hello everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

HostasDirect will soon have a brand new website, running on a brand new server!  This new website will boast many new features, including the ability to directly compare hosta attributes side-by-side and making it even easier to search our database of 7000+ hostas using our HostaSearch(TM) technology.  Placing orders will be simplified into one screen, instead of having to go through 5 different pages to finish placing your order for hostas!  Additionally, we will begin accepting PayPal as well as all the major Credit Card providers for placing an order.

We have some great deals up our sleeves for helping you save money this coming season, so as always, stay tuned!  Our Hosta Queen, Marcia Fluer, will be keeping you up to date on the daily activities here at HostasDirect – the #1 place to buy hostas for your garden!

This post was written by Joseph Husby, “the tech guy” here at HostasDirect.  A little about myself:  I am a junior at the University of Minnesota in the honors computer science program.  I also plan to minor in business management.  In one of my management classes, we are having a competition as to who can rank highest on Google for the search term Zompire Dracularius.  I have included a link to my Zompire Dracularius website.  There isn’t much there, but it has been a fun project so far!  Oh, and FYI, I’m currently creaming the competition!  🙂

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A faster, more powerful server now powers HostasDirect.com

In the past few days we switched over to a brand new server.  This change will be most beneficial in the time that it takes to browse our website.  Pages are now several times faster to load!  This change is necessary to keep up with the most current technology.  In the transition, we have added additional layers of security as well as a more reliable backup system.  (Note: we have never had any security or credit card problems with our site.) Our website is powered by a large database, containing records of thousands of hostas for sale, hosta photos, hosta videos, content, customers, orders, and more!  It is our goal to keep up with the latest technology in order to provide you with the best hosta website out there!

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I am very pleased to inform everyone that we have just finalized several key new features on our website, including new imagery!  You can see these changes on our hostas for sale page.

Write a review and rate hostas

We have implemented a 5 star rating and comments system for all of our products.  Now, you can read and write reviews for any of our hundreds of hostas and products.  Hopefully this will help you to decide which hostas to purchase and provide valuable feedback to future visitors to our site.  We encourage everyone to write a review about hostas they’ve purchased, be it good or bad.  An honest feedback system is the only way to build a trustworthy website!

Create your own wishlist

You can now create and save a wishlist of hostas so you don’t have to search for them next time you return to our site!  You can add the hostas in your wishlist directly to your shopping cart for a quick checkout experience.

Tell-a-Friend about a product

We have improved our tell-a-friend system so that you can email your friends when you see a hosta or product you think they would like.  This is a very easy way to help us spread the word about HostasDirect and for you to send an email.

We’re continually working on improving our website to best suit your needs.  Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.  We look forward to your feedback and your business!

Joseph Husby, Webmaster
HostasDirect, Inc.

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