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‘Empress Wu’ is here!  Our Starter (TC) have been going fast since they went on our website a few days ago, so hurry to get yours now so you don’t have to wait until next season.  This hosta is very new, extremely popular, and still difficult to get.

Why all the fuss about this particular hosta? It is said to be the biggest hosta ever, over 4 feet tall with leaves over 20 inches long!  It’s so new that only the hybridizer and a couple of others have mature specimens.  The fun will be in watching ‘Empress Wu’ grow to see how big yours will get!

We also changed the Free Hosta list, which now includes some miniature hostas for you to choose.  For each $50 you spend (before tax and shipping),  add one Starter (TC) of any of these hostas to your cart, and it will be deducted from your total.

‘Bitsy Gold’

‘Chartreuse Wiggles’

‘So Sweet’

‘Sunshine Glory’

‘Teeny-weeny Bikini’

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In the midst of our busy season this year, we had the privilege to experience the 2010 American Hosta Society Convention.  It hasn’t come to the Twin Cities since 2000, so we were thrilled to be a part of it.  One of my favorite moments was meeting the lovely In Sook, the name behind the hosta ‘My Child Insook.’ If the convention comes to your area, it is definitely something you don’t want to miss.  You can learn more about hostas by listening to guest speakers, bid on the hottest varieties in an auction, admire the Cut Leaf Show, and embark on tours of the most gorgeous hosta gardens around.  In a nationwide gathering of hostaholics, you might make some new friends, or even meet your favorite hybridizer!

We also displayed our new IDeal Garden Markers, which received rave reviews.  Our webmaster, Joe Husby, created a new, easy-to-use website at http://www.IDealGardenMarkers.com, where you can order samples of these durable (stainless steel!), attractive markers.

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I love my H. ‘Stained Glass’. What’s not to love? It has color, crinkle, a gorgeous flower that emerges when many flowering plants have given up, and it smells like a gardenia.

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Learn about Best Value TC (tissue culture) hostas

That is our brand name for Tissue Culture hostas. Tissue culture is a term used for a technology used to propogate (multiply) trees, shrubs and perennials. It has been used for hostas for about 17 years now. Tissue culture propogation is the main reason you see so many beautiful and affordable hostas today. We feel that in many cases purchasing tissue culture is your best option for preventing diseases such as hosta Virus X from entering your garden and microscopic worms such as foliar nematodes. We use only tissue culture labs the test their breeding stock for viruses before the go into mass production of a certain variety of hostas. The other advantage of TC is that they are less expensive.

Tissue culture have been sold to garden centers for years. Garden centers add potting soil to a container and sell the plant often based upon the container size. Reputable growers will grow the plant for some time or over winter the container selling it in the spring. Other growers might sell you a tissue culture hosta and a lot of soil and a container with no additional growth.

We know you can grow your own tissue culture and save the money or buy more plants with the savings difference. We have been selling Best Value TC for three years on the internet and get very, very, very few complaints but a lot of happy success stories. I have been personally growing tissue culture by planting them directly in the ground since 1995 or so with no problems at all. The Minnesota Hosta Society and other hosta societies have offered their members 1 or 2 varieties of tissue culture hostas for years.

We have mastered a way of shipping tissue culture to 49 states. United States Postal Service’s studies show that their priority mail gets to their customers within 2 days 94% of the time.

Tissue culture hostas are for everyone!  View our hostas for sale!

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