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Hi fellow hosta lovers,

I patrol my yard every day and every day I see something that either wasn’t there before or I didn’t notice it.

Fall is the best time to see new stuff because as certain plants die the remaining plants leap at you. For instance, I have a mini (or is it a small?) in the backyard that is ordinary all year unless you happen to be a chipmunk who notices the red petioles of ‘Katsuragawa Beni’. Not being a chipmunk I don’t get eye level with the ground that often. But when this shy guy sent up its scapesĀ  in mid-September, I gasped. And I didn’t need to be a chipmunk to appreciate its color and drama.

September Showoff

September Showoff

A wallflower is suddenly in the spotlight.

When I looked further, I noticed that other red-petioled hosta were doing the same dance. They were flowering way beyond expections into late September. Take ‘Marilyn Monroe’, for instance. She’s gorgeous all year, but right now, a day before we flip the calendar to October, she’s really ready for her close-up. Not only is her petiole redder and her flower scapes awesome, her ‘petticoat’ (that’s what I call her white backside) is even more prominent. You go girl!Marilyn Monroe slipMarilyn Monroe 2

Look around your yard to see what changes you haven’t noticed and let me know. I love to talk Hostas. What other “reds” are still doing their thing? I plan to group some reds next year aroundĀ  H. ‘Red October’. What are you planning for next spring?

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