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HostasDirect, Inc and IDeal™ Garden Marker's entrepreneurial owner, Tom Carlson, is an avid gardener and a hosta lover. He is an 11-year member of the American Hosta Society and Minnesota Hosta Society. Tom has been gardening since 1967. He has a great deal of experience growing hostas, which includes tissue culture, small pots, and divisions in various soil, light, terrain, and weather conditions. His garden currently contains over 450 varieties of hostas. Tom's garden in Roseville, MN, has been on garden tours, including the pre-tour during the 2000 American Hosta Society Convention in Minneapolis. Tom is also a 15 year veteran of the business forms, label and printing industry. He started Innovative Printing Corporation in 1988. He later invented, manufactured and licensed four of his identification products to two major corporations. Tom's hope is to solve problems he has encountered in his own gardening experience and offer solutions to the public and make a fair and honest living for himself and his employees.

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